Book Donations

Updated 6/12/24

Thank you for bringing your gently loved books to us! We truly appreciate your support of our indie bookstore and want to make sure these stories land in the hands of readers. Being able to offer used and new books is really important to us, and your donations help us keep our shelves fresh and affordable. To thank you for your continued support, we have developed a new policy for donations.

For every full grocery-bag sized book donation, we will offer you up to $5 in store credit that you can use towards the purchase of anything in our store. It will be tied to your customer account in our system, so please be sure you leave us your name and email address when you drop off books.

Thank you for understanding the following limitations:

  • We can only accommodate up to 2 bags of donated books at a time.
  • We do not accept mass market paperback copies.
  • We do not accept books with water damage, broken spines, or extensive annotations.
  • We do not accept hardcover books from prolific authors that are over four years old. 
    • (Ex. Nora Roberts, Danielle Steele, Harlan Coben, Janet Evanovich, Sue Grafton, James Patterson, Stuart Woods, etc.)
  • We reserve the right to refuse books for any reason.

We are very grateful for your donations and appreciate your understanding of this new policy!