Local Author Policy

Local Author Policy 

Thank you for considering our independent bookstore for placement of your book. Since we are approached by so many wonderful local authors each week, we have decided to institute a policy so that everyone can be on the same page.  

Our philosophy

As an independent bookstore, we are enthusiastic supporters of our local authors and our community at large. However, we have limited space and will not be able to carry every book. This is true for well-known and award-winning writers, as well as lesser-known, rising talents. We make purchasing decisions based on many factors, including but not limited to budgetary concerns, customer interest, business considerations, and the particular culture and vibe we have established at Wyrd. If we do not decide to carry your book, please understand it is not a personal rejection of you or your work.

Our Conditions

In order for us to consider carrying your book in our store, please note the following conditions:

  •  If you are interested in having us carry your books as a local author, you should have a strong connection to Anne Arundel County or a neighboring county.  
  •  We do not take books on consignment at this time. Please do not leave copies of your book at the store, unless you intend it to be a free courtesy copy.
  • At this time, we only take books that are available through our main distributor, Ingram. If we are able to take books through other channels in the future, we will update our policy and make it available on our website.
  • You book should be:

 Discounted at our regular rate with Ingram

 Have an ISBN clearly visible

 Returnable through Ingram

Have a title and author visible on the spine

*If you would like to have your book distributed through Ingram, you can look at using Ingram Spark as a paperback distributor.

  •  Books sold at an author event will be sold at the designated distributor price, unless other arrangements have been made between Wyrd and the author.
  • We will carry local authors within the author’s designated genre as a general rule. We will, from time to time, highlight local authors in some way. Where your book is placed in our store is determined at the sole discretion of Wyrd.

In-Store Events

From time to time, we may have in-store events for local authors that do not require your book to be in our inventory. For instance, we may have events relating to the craft of writing or the publishing process. These events may be open to any local author, publisher, or individual with relevant experience.

If you’d like us to add you to the email list for those events only, please send an email to info@wyrdbookstore.com stating that you are looking to participate and we will do our best to get you involved. Also, please let us know if there are particular writing and publishing topics you are interested in either presenting or discussing as panel so that we can include you in such events, if and when they arise.

If you’d like to be considered for these events IN ADDITION to having your book in our store, please include your preference in your submission. You do not need to send a separate email.

How to Submit Your Book

In order to request that we carry your book, send an email with the following information to info@wyrdbookstore.com. We are not able to make any decisions in the store or over the telephone, so please only send emails.

  1.     Subject line: LOCAL AUTHOR REQUEST
  2.     Your full name and contact information
  3.     The following information about your book:




Date of publication

Short summary

  1.     A statement that your book is available through Ingram and returnable.
  2.     A statement of whether you’d like to be considered for in-store author events such as book signings.
Thank you for considering Wyrd Bookstore, and best of luck with your book!