Story Time!

Thursdays @ 10:30

Sundays @ 11:30

For the love of...


that makes you want to sip a while.


you want to give, or keep for yourself.


both new and gently loved.


that makes you want to take on the world.


with friends, both new and gently loved.


Wyrd is an old English word referring to the idea that destiny is not predetermined, but is shaped and molded by individual choice and unfolds as an interconnected series of events. 

Be you. Be bold. But remember we are all in this together.

We Are Better Together...

At Wyrd, we believe we are better together. Whether we’re speaking to one another through the pages of a book or over a warm cup of comfort, we believe in building one another up through meaningful connections. We want to hold space for us all to slow down and savor this extraordinary existence we share. 

We hope Wyrd will become a place for all of us to connect: 

  • To our ourselves 
  • To one another
  • To this crazy adventure called life